Tower Inspections

Tower Inspections

Missing hardware, loose bolts, improperly tensioned guy wires; all can be corrected after a simple annual inspection. Extend the life of your tower with an inspection from Southeastern Towers. We provide one of the most thorough reports in the industry with over 250 inspection points and hundreds of hi resolution photos.

Our inspections follow the TIA/EIA-222-G, the most highly regarded standard in the industry. Pair your inspection with an optional structural loading analysis and you have the ultimate inspection package. Don’t forget to get your tower inspected after a strong storm, vandalism, or other extreme condition. We also provide post-work compliance inspections to ensure you received what you paid for. An inspection today can save you time and money tomorrow!


Inspection Services

  • Comprehensive 250+ Point Inspections
  • Hi-Resolution Photos of All Instances Found
  • Site Recommendations
  • Guy Tension Measurements
  • Structural and Loading Analysis
  • Soil Testing
  • Compliance Inspections
  • Security Assessments